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KmeetBoX is a marketing platform that allows you to:
  • talk to your customers
  • create surveys
  • perform Customer Satisfaction activities
  • perform market research
  • carry out Lead Generation activities
  • profile users
  • send promotions
  • perform co-marketing activities with business partners
A survey, most commonly known as "Survey", allows you to collect a certain amount of information on a group of users, customers, or a specific population range. Among the main purposes of a survey we can cite the collection of opinions, profiling customer needs and the "discovery" of buying or behavioural habits. Basic information to defined targeted marketing strategies while avoiding the wasting of resources.
Customer Satisfaction focuses on measuring how the products and services of a company are perceived customers. Do they meet their expectations? Do they create value and are they useful? A satisfied user is a customer ready to become one who is "loyal" to the company and there is a good chance that the same will become a promoter of the company's products/services with the customer’s contacts. An unsatisfied user is a customer who could become a detractor of the company’s products/services with the same’s contacts. Knowing which are the unsatisfied users and the reasons for their dissatisfaction helps a company take corrective action to increase overall satisfaction and hence "loyal customers".
Co-marketing is the abbreviation of the English term "cooperative marketing" and refers to the cooperation between entities/companies/individuals with the purpose of undertaking a joint effort connected to one or more marketing activities. Kmeet allows you to share customers between two or more partner companies using a common marketing strategy. The co-marketing activity can be varied and the only limit is linking complementary activities that can give real added value to the companies following this strategy and end customers. Some examples of co-marketing can be those related to customer sharing in the following product categories:
  • Shoes -Clothing - Fashion accessories
  • Accommodationl facilities (hotels, bed and breakfast, etc.)
  • Rental companies - Local producers
  • Gyms - Wellness Centers - Fitness Accessories Shop
  • Sports Centers - Physiotherapy Poliampulators
  • Driving Schools / Nautical Schools
  • Car Dealers/Boat Charter Companies
  • ... ..
KmeetBox is designed to be integrated with all dissemination tools currently in use. Each KmeetBoX has a Qr Code, an access code and a dedicated link. The user can access the survey using one of these tools. All they have to do is include them in their marketing communications on their own website, on a landing page, on their own paper/digital leaflets, or in their own stands during events.
QrCode is the acronym for Quick Response Code and is basically an evolution of the "old" barcode. It looks aesthetically like a small square and is readable using a smartphone or tablet. Just install one of the free apps from an IOS or Android store, and from that moment on you will have access to QrCode-related digital content without having to type in codes, web addresses, or links.
A landing page is a webpage created ad hoc and linked to an advertising/information link. The purpose is to focus the issues on certain themes or on a specific product aimed at increasing product conversion and sales rates.
Kmeet realises professional surveys and once a survey has been compiled by at least one person, the questions and the related texts are no longer be editable to avoid altering the results of the survey.
Changing the KmeetBoX after it has been completed by at least one user is possible by clicking on the "Close KmeetBoX" button. The button appears when you try to edit a KmeetBoX that has already received replies.
Kmeet will store the results obtained up to that point. The archive with all the data and graphics related to a closed survey can be displayed directly from the closed KmeetBoX menu by accessing: "Analysis" - "Historical". Simultaneously, Kmeet will preclude the closed KmeetBoX inside the edit panel so the right modifications can be made before putting it back online.
K-Support is a tool linked to KmeetBoX that allows all companies that have purchased the platform to interface with our expert team. K-Support allows you to have clues and recommendations on how to use Kmeet and practical advice on how to integrate the platform into your marketing strategy. The following is the email address to write to: