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What are Cookies?

Cookies are brief portions of text sent to your browser from the websites you visit. Their ultimate purpose is to memorise, in anonymous form, information about your visit, like for example your favourite language, the services used and other settings. This helps a lot to improve the usability and the speed of the websites you visit. There are different types of cookies, but the main aim of a cookie is to make the website work more efficiently and to enable specific functionalities. Cookies are used to improve the User global navigation.

What are Cookies for?

On a general level, these are the main functions:

  • They allow to navigate from one website page to another in an efficient way.
  • They memorise the User name and the preferences entered (when provided).
  • They allow to avoid entering the same information (such as User name and password) several times during the visit.
  • They measure the usage of services from all the Users, to optimise the navigation experience and these own services.
  • They present specific advertising information depending on the interests and the behaviour expressed by the User during his navigation.

By whom are Cookies installed?

Cookies can be installed:

  • directly from the owner and/or the person in charge of the website (first-party cookies),
  • from people unrelated to the website visited from the User (third-party cookies). Unless otherwise specified, these cookies relapse under the direct and exclusive responsibility of the manager. More information about privacy are directly available on respective managers' websites.

What are the different types of Cookies?

This site can use the following types of cookies in combination:

  • Session Cookies: are not memorised in a persistent way and they are deleted with the closing of the browser. They are strictly limited to the transmission of session identification information to allow a safe and efficient exploration.
  • Persistent Cookies: are memorised on the computer hard disk until the deadline/deletion from the users/visitors. Persistent Cookies allow the website to automatically recognise the visitors. Visitors can set their own browser in order that it accepts or refuses all the cookies or displays a notice everytime a cookie is proposed, and then decide whether accept it or not.
  • Technical Cookies: are used to authenticate, to benefit from multimedia content (such as Flash Player), in order to allow the choice of the navigation language or to analyse statistically the logins and the website visits.
  • Non-Technical Cookies: are used for profilation and marketing purposes. The usage of these cookies is allowed only after proper information to visitors and their following agreement.

Which Cookies are used?

Below are reported the types of cookies that can be used in our website with a description of their purpose linked to their usage.

Technical-analytical Cookies

This kind of cookies is necessary for the correct functioning of certain website areas and to improve their usability. Cookies of this category include both Persistent cookies and Session cookies, as well as strictly Technical cookies. In absence of these cookies, the site or some portions of it could not work properly. This type of cookie is furthermore used to collect information on the website usage (Technical cookies). The owner uses these information for statistical analyses, in order to improve his website and simplify its usage, as well as monitoring its correct functioning. This type of cookie collects, in anonymous form, information on the Users' activity on the website and on the way they reached this own site and the visited pages. Cookies of this category are sent from the website or from third-party domains.

Third-party tracking Cookies

This kind of cookies is used to collect information about the website usage by the visitors, the keywords used to reach the site, websites visited and the traffic origins from which the visitors come for marketing campaigns. The owner can use these information in order to fill reports and improve his website. Cookies collects information in anonymous form. This type of cookie is sent from the own site or from third-party domains.

Third-party Cookies for the functionality integration

This kind of cookies is used to incorporate third-party functionalities in the website (like for example forms for comments or social network icons that allow the visitors to share the website content). This category of cookie can be sent from partner websites domains or from those who offer the functionalities of the site. The owner doesn't have to require the User's agreement for technical cookies because they are strictly necessary for the service delivery. For all the other categories of cookies the agreement can be expressed from the User, in accordance with the current legislation, through specific configurations of the browser and computer programs or of devices with a simple and clear usability for the User. The owner reminds the User that ha can modify the cookies preferences in any time. It is also possible to disable cookies from the browser at any time, but this operation could also prevent the User from using some parts of the website.

Third-party websites

The site could include some links to other websites that have their own privacy policy. These privacy policies can be different from the one adopted by the owner, who isn't responsible for third-party websites. Under the current legislation on personal information in the 2016/679 UE regulation framework, the agreement to these cookies usage is expressed by the person concerned through his individual setting that he has freely chosen for the browser used for the website navigation, notwithstanding the User's faculty to communicate everytime to the treatment owner his own willingness related to the data managed through some cookies that the own browser has accepted.

Cookies enablement/disablement through the browser

There are different ways to handle cookies and other tracing technologies. By modifying browser settings, you can accept or refuse cookies or decide to receive a notice message before accepting a cookie from visited websites. We remind you that if you completely disable cookies in the browser, you could not be able to use all our interactive functionalities. If you use more computer in different stations, you should make sure that every browser is set in order to satisfy your preferences. You can delete all the cookies installed in the cookies folder of you browser. Every browser presents different processes for the settings managing. Click on one of the links underneath to obtain specific instructions. Microsoft Windows Explorer Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari If you don't use any of the listed above browsers, select "cookie" on the section related to the browser guide to find out where your cookies folder is.

Flash Cookies elimination

Click on the following link to modify your settings related to Flash cookies. Flash cookies disablement

Cookies activation and disactivation

In addition to the possibility of using tools established from your browser to activate or disactivate single cookies, we inform that the website contains a list of the main providers that work with sites managers in order to collect and use useful information for the fruition of the behavioural advertisement. You can disactivate or activate all the societies or alternatively individually regular your preferences for every society. To do it, you can use the tool that you find following this link: Further useful information about cookies and available choices are available to these addresses: